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A professional in the continued study and teaching of autism and related disorders, I’m driven not only by the progress I've witnessed first hand with students, but by the opportunity to broaden awareness and therapeutic options currently offered in south Florida.  Both have allowed me to combine passion with profession, to tirelessly seek real-life opportunities in developing the profession, to broaden understanding, and to improve the lives of those within the greater autism community.


Approach to teaching and learning:


Guided by the DIR/Floortime model, I believe in building on potential and passions over deficits, in using meaningful experiences to foster development, and that strong relationships provide the foundation for all learning to occur. 


Autism is not an intellectual disorder.  Therefore, once we have taken the time to get to know a child and the unique ways in which they take in the world around them, we are able to tap into the many gifts they have to offer (Osgood, 2011).


I believe that new learning experiences are critical for developmental progress- at every level.  Teaching and learning approaches must continually evolve to incorporate the most up-to-date research, and should never be static. I also practice what I preach. 


In order to remain current in the area of educating students with learning differences, including autism, I have received a bachelor’s, masters, and Ph.D. in the field.  I collaborate with local and national experts, ensure regular attendance at significant conferences, and use multiple news sources to stay up to date on all recent research and related advances associated with autism, development, and education.  


Most recently, in 2015 I completed the Profectum Foundation’s Fellows Certificate Program, aimed to broaden and deepen understanding of developmental process across a wider range of challenges. In 2016, I began the certification process for the PLAY Project approach to early intervention, a train-the trainer model that empowers parents to be their child's best PLAY partner and provides tools to strengthen development with every interaction. I then continued this training model into Teaching PLAY, a classroom-based application of the PLAY Project autism intervention. It is a central tenet of Teaching PLAY that “engagement leads to educational readiness.” 


This emphasis on continuous learning and a belief in multidisciplinary collaboration deeply improves my theoretical understanding and my practice, therefore also improving the success of my students. 


Unless otherwise specified, all services are provided directly by Jennie Trocchio, Ph.D.

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