2. Home Consultation Services
1. Parent Training/ Coaching

This service includes the therapist supporting parents in their natural and pivotal partnership with their child, promoting their development across areas.  Sometimes this simply starts with helping the parent and child get back to a place where they can enjoy each other again rather than solely focusing on the challenges.  Over time, the therapist supports both the parent and child in engaging in pleasurable, developmentally appropriate, interactions building and strengthening the core relationship between the caregiver and child that supports developmental progress.


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This area would be highly individualized based on individual family/ child needs.  The therapist may accompany family on outings, or simply go through the child’s daily routines and collaboratively develop ways to maximize opportunities that will support and promote: child development, language, self-help skills, appropriate behavior, and encourage independence. The goal of this support is to empower families to support child development and growth through every day interactions and routines. 

Depending on where you are in your homeschool program, it is possible that some supports would be beneficial.  Services can range from setting up and establishing a homeschool program and routines individualized for the needs of your child, to creating visuals, goals, making academic support recommendations, etc.  The goal of this service is to support and empower parents or individual therapists to create a meaningful and individualized homeschool program that supports strengths, individual differences, and promotes development.  

Juggling and managing your child’s individual therapies can often feel like a full time job in itself.  Therefore, this service includes scheduled time to review assessments, develop and monitor programs, plan therapies, address scheduling issues, prepare training materials, create modification and support materials and create staff support manuals and guidelines.  The goal of this service is to ensure quality control and maintain programs on a timely basis.  

4. Homeschool Progam Development/ Management
3. Program Management

Parent & Family Related Services


The DIR/Floortime approach emphasizes that a child develops in relationships with another. Frequently children with special needs are challenged by neurobiological factors, which make it difficult to participate and enjoy early emotional interactions with their parents. These shared interactions between parent and child that are meaningful, positive and pleasurable create the foundation necessary for all development. Because relationships with the child are so important, parents and families are central to this model, and the involvement of families in the intervention is often a key component of this approach.  

5. Sibling Coaching

Siblings of a child with autism can often be the best Floortime play partners!  Often, siblings want to interact with their brother/sister with autism, but just don’t know how.  Coaching siblings to interact and play with one another in a way that is positive and fun for them both can be great way to strengthen the sibling bond and development for both children.

Sibling related resources:



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