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Connect and Play on Autism Awareness Day is BACK!

February 23, 2020

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Assessment and Intervention Strategies Using the DIR/Floortime Approach

January 2, 2016

 If you've missed this workshop to date, don't worry! It may be coming to your area in the near future!  Here are some upcoming workshop dates and locations:

January 6, 2016: Princeton, NJ

January 7, 2016: Tom’s River, NJ

January 8, 2016: Long Branch, NJ


February 3, 2016: Des Moines, IA

February 4, 2016: Cedar Rapids, IA

February 5, 2016: Sioux Falls, SD


March 2, 2016: Roanoke, VA

March 3, 2016: Richmond, VA

March 4, 2016: Virginia Beach, VA


April 4, 2016: Brooklyn, NY

April 5, 2016: Staten Island, NY

April 7, 2016: Flushing, NY


May 11, 2016: Sarasota, FL

May 12, 2016: Tampa, FL

May 13, 2016: Orlando, FL


June 1, 2016: Fayetteville, AK

June 2, 2016: Tulsa, OK

June 3, 2016, Oklahoma City, OK


Secure your spot by visiting Summit Professional Development's Website 


Workshop Highlights
  • Climbing the Developmental Ladder: Explore the 6 stages for healthy emotional and intellectual growth

  • Create individual profiles that focus on sensory processing, motor planning, visual-spatial processing and language to improve the effectiveness of interventions

  • Applying the DIR/Floortime model for effective interventions in home, clinical, educational settings

  • Practical research-based strategies you can use the next day to support progress at any level!

  • Foster independence and competence through executive functioning, foundation-building strategies and related capacities

  • Video case studies of the intervention process: Real cases/real struggles/real success

Workshop Description

It is estimated that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Although many individuals share the same diagnosis, each individual has a unique pattern of development and processes information from the world around them differently. There is nothing 'cookie cutter' about autism and the same should hold true for intervention approaches. To be effective, research suggests interventions must be comprehensive, individualized, and target the core challenges of autism including relating, interacting, and communicating. The approach is DIR. The technique is Floortime.


This workshop will focus on the Developmental, Individual Differences and Relationship-based (DIR/Floortime) approach, a theoretical and practical model for professionals to comprehensively assess and create intervention programs, tailored to the individual strengths and challenges of each child. Through hands-on labs, participants will learn to use interactions to strengthen each child's social, emotional, and intellectual capacities. Participants will leave this workshop with practical strategies that can be utilized immediately to build strong developmental foundations for even your most difficult cases.

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