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Sing, Read, and Play! There's a Bird on your Head!

April 7, 2020

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Trailblazing 2017, Featuring Temple Grandin!

October 1, 2017

AMAZING Trailblazing event, hosted by Picasso Einstein and featuring Temple Grandin!   Such wonderful information shared focusing on the BENEFITS of hiring an individual with disabilities for companies, and wonderful strategies to help ALL young adults with autism and other related disabilities to take active steps toward employment.  Some take-away points to think about include:


Focusing on Hiring/Employing individuals with disabilities in the work-place:

- The attention to detail and strength in repetition makes many individuals with disabilities dependable and even preferable employees!

- The accommodations in a work place can benefit ALL employees. For example, visual rules and regulations, labeling steps (ex- 1. next to the task that must be completed first OR a label on certain areas of the work place that must be known and identified by employees).

- If someone in 'middle-management' tells you that there are no employment opportunities, go to the head of the company. They often have different thoughts and are open to seeing the opportunity at hand. 


Temple Grandin's Thoughts toward purposeful employment:

- Take ones strengths and STRETCH them so it can be turned into a meaningful future employment opportunity.

- When you're weird, the way you sell yourself is a portfolio" - Temple Grandin. SO, take what you're great at, document it, and bring that portfolio with you everywhere. Learn how to sell yourself.

-All young adults must have work experiences, where they must practice being dependable employees. Find or make opportunities for this as young as possible. Think the equivalent of a paper route (from previous decades), something that they are responsible and accountable for.

- It takes practice to do things one loves, but at someone else direction, and with someone else vision driving a given project

- When people are mean, don't go after that person, go after the issue. If someone says you're not good at something, don't get mad at them... use that as fuel to do even better... show them that way!